Monday, December 15, 2014

1991 Score series 1&2

I broke some boxes of 1991 score baseball it was fun and quite disappointing. I pulled three nice chipper jones rookies and some wade boggs, and other guys for ttms. if you guys are in need of any players let me know I have a ton of base. Glad to be back into the blog community and this is the last post for the night enjoy guys.

Trade with TampaSportsFan

I made a giant trade with my friend Tampasportsfan it included buccaneers, derek carr, cjfedowicz, Michael sam, and matt scott. in return I got a ton of lions pc cards and I also got some nice tannehill rookies for that pc to.

Weekly Mail Recap

I made a trade with DetroitSportsFan for some nice cards for two PC's and a nice holiday gift for a friend. I got a Wilin Rosario auto from topps tier one /399 and two trajectory relics for my set.

My next trade was with bc_cardshop I traded him some 8x10s of players on the pistons and old lions I got a training camp when I was a youngin. in return I got a dri archer extra points auto from prestige /100, and from 2011 TTT auto relic /99 or Aramis Rameriez.

My final thing was I contest I won about 13 weeks ago from Muffin_sports_cards and I got some pretty nice stuff in my opinion. highlights were a reli of Mario Williams and a Scott Chandler rookie auto.

Mailday from Baseballcards287

I made a trade with another good friend of mine Baseballcards287(GyrkoCardCollector). The trade was that he got my yiovanni gallarado playoff contenders auto for his wilin Rosario 2014 immaculate auto /99.

Mail Day from Cardman102

Hey guys I am back in the blogging zone school has taken a toll that's why it has been a while but I have some trades and pick ups to show you guys. To start I got a care package from one of my bestfriends in the community cardman102. It contained two Dion Lewis rookie autos also an aquib talib that I am currently trading.